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       Institute of arthritis care and prevention.


An Appeal For Donation

Institute of Arthritis Care & Prevention is a nonprofit trust. The institute is aimed at providing information about arthritic disease, their care & prevention amongst general population. The institute is also striving towards enhancing knowledge amongst general practitioners (from all medical fields) & conduct lectures & programs for the same. The institute is also providing membership to general practitioners, fellowship & corporate memberships.

We hereby appeal your esteemed institute/company to generously donate to further the cause of the institute. The donation may be made by crossed cheque/ Demand Drafts addressed to “ Institute of Arthritis Care & Prevention” payable at Thane.



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The donation may be in form of:

  1. Sponsoring our official website (Rs30,000/-) yearly, the website will have a caption of donating institute/company for that year.
  2. Sponsoring our “ Certificate Course” for general practitioners (Distance Education). The certificate shall bear the name of donating institute forever (Rs. 50,000/-).
  3. Sponsoring our educational material for patients (Rs. 30,000 /-) the amount shall kept in bank, the interest accrued from which shall be used for distributing education leaflets. The leaflets shall have name of sponsoring institute/company for 10 years.
  4. Sponsoring our “Book on Arthritis” to be distributed to registering member doctors (Rs. 30,000/-). The book shall be distributed to all registering members for 3 years & there after new edition shall be brought out.
  5. Sponsoring our “Patient Education Materials” for doctors (Rs.30, 000/-) the interest accrued from which shall be used for making education materials available for registering doctors. The education materials shall have name of sponsoring institute/company forever.
  6. By Corporate membership (Rs.10, 000/-) whereby the corporate name shall be included in our website/other database & the member is informed about our functioning on a regular basis.
  7. Any other way monetary (starting from Rs.1/-) to non-monetary in which your company could help us to promote knowledge of arthritis prevention, care & cure (E.g. sending us patient educational materials brought out by your esteemed institute. 
  8. By having a sponsored link from our website the yearly fees negotiable.
  9. By giving advertisement at our website .   http://www.Osteoporosisindia.com


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