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 Institute of Arthritis Care and Prevention

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Aims and Objectives

  1. To spread awareness regarding Arthritis & Other Joint Disorders amongst general population by conducting seminars, lectures, poster shows, Road shows etc.

  2. To create a website giving detailed information regarding arthritic disease & care.

  3. To provide membership to general population & create a forum for discussion for patients suffering from arthritic disorders.

  4. To provide affiliated health professional membership to doctors & create a forum for discussion & continuous medical education for doctors.

  5. To provide training to doctors in on campus/ Distance education mode as regards to various arthritic disorders.

  6. To provide fellowships to doctors engaged in care of arthritic disorders.

  7. To conduct research & further studies in various arthritic bones & joint disorders.

  8. To participate in research projects of unique kinds on its own or in association with other association/NGO of reputed credentials.

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